Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baltimore and Freddie Gray - Why Race Shouldn't Matter

I am only going to say this one thing about Baltimore and Freddie Gray. Please, just take a moment and read it.

I have been accused of not "understanding" because I am white, and the due process afforded us by the Constitution is only good for people like me...those devoid of color. I have been asked, "What about Freddie Gray?" My response is this - What about Freddie Gray? Why do you care so much about this person whom you have never met and have only read about in the media? It is a tragedy that this person has lost his life. I am sorry that his family has had to face such a terrible wrong. I am sorry that a human being, of any color, had to be treated in such an inhumane way, and that he died from negligence, lack of compassion, lack of care, and possibly even murder. While Freddie Gray's criminal history does not condone his death in any way shape or form, would he have died in police custody if he were an upright and law-abiding citizen?

We don't know what happened to Freddie Gray. We have not been afforded full disclosure, neither have any of those destroying the city of Baltimore. We most likely never will. The Constitution of the United States provides us the right to peaceful assembly and protest in the First Amendment. It does not give you the right to act illegally, destroy cities, and destroy livelihoods. Neither does rioting and looting give you any leverage or help your cause. If you are so angry, then use that anger for good. Be the change you want to see in this world. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was able to make a difference because he was peaceful and respected.

"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

While people are asking, "What about Freddie Gray," and accusing me of being insensitive because I am white and just don't get it, I would like to ask you a question and tell you a story. What about Trenton Scott? A little 4-year-old boy that was murdered in the wee hours of the morning on April 19, 2011. This little boy and his family have not seen justice for this tragedy. Yet, there has been no rioting in the streets. No destruction of Candler or Asheville. You want to know why I "get it?" Because little Trenton is the son of my husband's cousin, and the grandson of his aunt and uncle.

I get the anger. I get the outrage. I get it, but we have to rise above that and trust that justice will prevail without resorting to illegal activities. My prayers are for Baltimore, Freddie Gray's family, the LEO's and first responders, and the Scott and Reagan families.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Don't normally do this, but I'm trying to get my Influenster account going.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

COUGAR! - W. W. Brock (My Dad!)

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25 Weeks Today

Wow. Can't believe there are just 15 weeks left to this pregnancy. I feel every kick and punch this little kung fu princess gives me. It's pretty awesome not having a placenta up front...for the most part. lol

Jay has been gone 2 and a half months now. It feels like a year. It really isn't getting any easier. Whoever said it does, lied to me. I still miss him greatly. We still have no clue when he'll be home, or if he'll make it home in time for the birth. I freaking hate this crap. I really do. I just want him home, safe, sound, in one piece.

Took the plunge, and we're getting a minivan on Friday. Always a fun time. It sucks because we had everything worked out, and now Jay wants to trade in the vehicle we still have 4 years of payments to make. Durga. So, I had to pass that along this morning. Huzzah. Haven't heard back from them yet.

Anyway. Everything is going smoothly, and not a trace of ICP this go round like I had with the last 2 babies. :) That's comforting. Sorry I haven't posted in forever. It's been really stressful around here, and to be honest...I forgot.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 3 Down...a whole lot more to go.

Well, today is over. Thank goodness. I am so happy to have been able to talk to Jay more on Facebook today. It is nice to get to chat. After the amazing 30-minute phone conversation yesterday, I feel like I can get through this. It is so amazing to be able to communicate with him again. I think I can finally get around to doing housework again instead of moping around the house. With that said, I have painting I want to start. Since we're taking up the carpet, I'm not really worried about getting paint on the carp. Makes it easier. Just have to figure out what color I want and go with it. Waiting on my flooring samples to come in so I can decide which one I want for our new floors. Thankfully, already found the rug we wanted. Hoping it works as well with the new floors as it did with the old one. Thinking about talking to my OB about help with my anxiety and sleep issues since Jay's been gone if it doesn't get better. I just can't sleep. I have been running on 5 hours of sleep these past 2 days. I can't seem to go to sleep until almost 2 am, and then I wake up at like 7. It kind of sucks. You know, I do whine a bit about this deployment. I get that. However, I am very in love with my wonderful husband. I am so blessed to have him by my side as my mate, best friend, husband, and father of my children. I promised "for better or for worse." So, I'm going to do my very best to get through this without making it difficult for my husband. I love that man with all my heart. This is just a temporary situation. Sucky, crappy, temporary situation. Hope everyone else has a great day. I plan on taking some Benedryl for my itching. Praying it's not the beginning of Cholestasis again. Maybe it will help me sleep.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Deployment Sucks

Jay left yesterday for his 8-12 month deployment to Afghanistan. I never thought it would be so hard to let him go. I truly feel as if I have been torn in half. I barely slept last night. I stayed up until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. Then, I woke up only 5 and a half hours later...well before the kids did.

Ella keeps asking for her daddy. Wondering when he's coming home. Asking if he'll be home soon. I can't answer her without crying. She keeps playing the book he recorded for her...and her Daddy Doll. Hearing his voice is so painful, and yet, I don't want to stop hearing it.

The hardest part is the lack of communication and information. Any other time he has been gone, we were able to talk every night. I got about 10 minutes on FB with him last night before he had to board his flight. Praying he is safe and well.

I just miss him so much. I haven't been able to stop crying. I feel like a horrible mother since I can't hold it together for my kids. The pregnancy hormones make it that much worse.

Praying this pregnancy flies by so can see him again for a couple of weeks.

Now...where is my Tylenol for this stress/exhaustion/dehydration headache?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Best of Times

Just got a call from the OB nurse. My ultrasound measured 5 weeks and 5 days...not 5 weeks. My beta HCG levels are super high at 45,510! Right where they should be for a 6 week pregnancy. The doc is so pleased with the numbers that I don't have to have them repeated! I just have to have my ultrasound on 1/3! Talk about a Christmas miracle!! I am so happy right now!! Now...to find out my new due date.