Monday, October 31, 2011

What a Day...

Ella woke up an hour early this morning and didn't want to go back to sleep.  Yay for me.  I'm exhausted.  Not only that, but I went to take her to do some shopping this morning.  She was fine through Michael's, but then we went to Walmart.

The parking situation royally sucked.  I was waiting on the ONE available space to open up because someone was backing out.  This older lady was in the parking space behind them...already had her car parked...saw me waiting on the parking spot.  Of course, as I get ready to pull in, she pulls straight through into the spot.  Then, when I glare at her, she give ME the stink eye!  What the heck?!  So, I try to pull around to get her former spot, but of course, someone already got that one.  Thankfully, I found one right next to the cart return.

Get inside with Ella, and she fights me about getting into the cart.  I won.  We get inside, and I'm trying to find the craft center, which is apparently non-existent in this store.  We go past a display with ridiculously priced Elmo toys, and she starts screaming her head off for "MELMO!!!!!!!!!!"  I told her that she couldn't have one, and maybe Grammy would get her one for Christmas, or Santa might bring her one.  So, this is when the fun begins.  She screams the whole way through the store as I'm trying to do grocery shopping.  I became THAT parent.  The one with the screaming toddler who is apologizing to every patron along the way because my kid is ruining their peaceful morning.  Everything ticked her off, too.  She got mad when she dropped the coupons.  She got mad when I put the coupons in my pocket.  She got mad when I wouldn't let her eat my keys.

Then, we get to the register and get everything rung up.  Of course, she grabs one of the bags, and the large tub of yogurt rolls out and bursts on the floor in front of the register.  The cashier was really sweet and took it off my bill...then calls for clean up.  She looked at me and was like, "I don't know how you're not a sobbing wreck right now.  I know I was during my pregnancy."  I had to just smile at her because I seriously was on the verge of tears.  She was so sweet, though.

Finally, get in the car, and Ella begins to pitch a conniption fit because I had to buckle her into the carseat, and she had dropped her flippin' giraffe on the floor of the car.  I finally gave it to her after getting her buckled in.  We stop and grab a light lunch by this point, and then I stop for gas.  She of course passes out in her carseat at the gas station.

I get a peaceful 20 minute drive home and go to put her into her bed.  I noticed her jeans felt wet, so I tried to change her without her waking up.  M-I-S-T-A-K-E!!!!!  She woke up...and her diaper was practically dry. She wouldn't go back to sleep, either.  I finally let her help me put groceries away and watch half an episode of Sesame Street.  Then, at 3, I went to lay her back down.  I laid down with her, and she finally conked out at 3:30.

Of course, I had to wake her up around 5 because I didn't want her to not sleep tonight.  She was already half awake when I went in there.  She woke up and snuggled with me in the recliner for a few minutes before getting down to play.  I even gave her a Clementine for a snack and put her in her high chair to color with markers while I fixed dinner.  Yet another mistake.  She got made everytime I went to change out her markers for other colors...then, she pitched a fit when they fell on the floor...or when she filled up a page with colors.  I was so glad when Jay, my husband, got home.  Thankfully, dinner was ready....except for the baked potatoes.  For some reason, they were still not done after cooking in the oven for over an hour.  Go figure.

During dinner, the trick-or-treaters came, which wasn't bad.  It wasn't a problem until we got Ella cleaned up, and she was running around.  Then, she ran outside and tried to take the candy from the other kids' buckets.  That's my kid...the petty thief.  So, we tried to keep her inside, and she got mad.  Threw another fit.  Screamed her head off.  I made the joke that we did dress up for Halloween.  Ella was a bad baby.  I was a frazzled mom, and Jay was a Marine who just got off work.  :)

Needless to say, we bathed her early and got her down for bed on time tonight.  She pretty much went right out.

It doesn't help that I was so stressed today that I started having pain and contractions.  Nothing regular...just stress probably.  I am so exhausted from the emotions today.  I was supposed to get the house cleaned today because my mom is coming for a visit didn't happen.  So, I'll probably be rushing in the morning to clean the bathrooms, wash Ella's sheets and get the kitchen cleaned.  Thankfully, there isn't much left to do.  Just some small odds and ends.  I just pray for a a restful night's sleep tonight.  I really need it.

Friday, October 28, 2011

We Are Those Parents...

So, my darling daughter, Ella, has had this one stuffed animal since she was born.  Grammy bought it for her before she was born.  Anywhere Ella goes, "Raffy" goes with her...until today.  Raffy is a hard to find, Webkinz giraffe.  See below.  She sleeps with Raffy, rubs her nose with his tail, carries him everywhere...even to the breakfast table.  When she dances, she moves his head back and forth to make him "dance," too.  He's her lovey.

Today - my wonderful hubby and I have to go to Mailboxes Etc. to have some forms notarized because we refinanced our car for  lower rate. Yay us.  Apparently, in the 5 minutes it took us to walk from the car, to the store, get the forms notarized and get back to the car, Ella dropped Raffy.  We searched the entire parking lot, under cars, in trashcans...even asked the different stores in the strip if they have seen him.  Meanwhile, Ella is lamenting the loss of Raffy by wailing and crying in her carseat, "Waaaa-ffeeee!!!"

We searched EVERYWHERE trying to find Raffy because my sweet little girl cannot sleep without him.  She has her blankie, and thank God Blankie didn't get lost, too.  However, the only 2 items she has with her AT ALL TIMES are Blankie and Raffy.

We eventually heave a huge sigh of guilt, sadness and frustration and give up.  Someone has apparently taken Raffy home....not sure why, but they did.  We drove to Cracker Barrel, since we know they sell Webkinz stuffed animals and pray they might have a Raffy in stock.  They did not...however, they had ONE Webkinz giraffe for $25.  Totally not the same, but we get it anyway and pray Ella might like it.  She did at first.  Then, when she got settled in her carseat, she threw Raffy Redux on the floor and began wailing and crying for Raffy again.  She fell asleep 20 minutes into the 30 minute ride home after wailing and lamenting the loss of Raffy the whole time.  I don't think my heart has ever been so broken for her.  I cried and cried and cried....and then cried some more.  Especially when I put her in her bed.  She sat up in a sleepy daze looking for Raffy again and crying.  I put Bear in her arms and laid her down.  She drifted right back off to sleep.

While she's been napping, my sweet husband, who is totally wrapped up in his little girl, has been scouring the web for a new, identical Raffy.  He found Raffy online, but of course, we can't just order it online from the manufacturer.  Noooooooo....we have to call every retailer around us to see if maybe, just maybe, they have a Raffy in stock.  No such luck.  We called all 10 retailers, and no one has one.  One place, a country store right up the road from where we live, said they were putting in an order soon and would call me back this evening.  Hopefully, they might order a new Raffy for me so we can buy it and be done....and so, we've become THOSE parents.  The ones that will go to the ends of the Earth to replace the lost stuffed animal...even if it's almost irreplaceable.

If we go to these extremes now, I can't imagine what's going to happen when our furbabies pass on...or her goldfish sails the great Kohler Sea.  For those of you unfamiliar, Kohler is a brand of toilet.  SMH

If anyone by chance knows where we can find this hard-to-find stuffed animal without spending a small fortune, please let me know.  My brain hurts after all of this.