Saturday, December 3, 2011

Induction Day 3

>So, we checked in Thursday night and got Cervidil, which dilated me to 2 and caused me to have a bloody show.

Got Pitocin at 11 am yesterday. Got the max dose in just a few hours. Didn't start having regular contractions until 3:30.

Got checked again at change.

So, then, at 7:30, they placed a Foley cath into my cervix to try to dilate it that way...with the result being, it would pop out on it's own at 3 or 4 cm. Well, no sooner did they get it in (excrutiating by the way), then it popped right back out when they attempted to put the tension on it (also excrutiating). Put it this way, the Foley balloon is definitely something I can check off my bucket list of top 5 most excruciating things to do before I die.

Without another check, they assumed I was 3 and started slowly giving me Pitocin through the night. Had more contractions through my Ambien-induced sleep.

Went to the bathroom and have been bleeding ever since the Foley cath. Came back, and the nurse checked me. My cervix is still high and thick, but soft. 50 % effaced, 3 cm outside, 1 and a half cm on the inside. No real change to report.

So, right now, we're still pitting slowly. They are going to jump back into things at 6 this morning. Hoping the Pitocin works. They are going to discuss putting a pin sized hole in my amniotic sac to release fluid slowly later today. I have polyhydramnios, so he keeps floating back up when they feel his head. They don't want to actually rupture my membranes because they worry about the cord prolapsing. So, they are thinking of doing a small hole to relieve some pressure, causing his head to come down and connect with my cervix....because right now, my uterus is doing all the work....poorly.

The good news is my doc even said, when I asked what he thought about a CS, "It would be a shame to do a c-section on a second-time mom who has proven herself through a previous successful vaginal delivery." So, I am really happy about that. That being said, if there is still zero progress by this evening, they are probably going to discuss the possibility.

I'm hoping it won't come to that. I'm praying things go really well today. This is the difference between inducing at 37 weeks and letting nature take it's course. Let this be a fair warning to all of you who think you want to be induced early...don't do it. I'm only doing it because it's medically necessary. If it doesn't work, you're stuck in the hospital until they either do a C-section or for a couple of days (laboring) until it does work. Seeing your baby sooner than it should get here is just not worth this....except in the cases of medical necessity. Be patient, go for a walk, have sex and enjoy the last few weeks/days until your LO arrives.  Everything happens in it's own time. :)

So, here I am at 4 am....wide awake...slightly discouraged...SOOOOOO over this whole ordeal. Praying for a miracle today. Please, pray with me and for me. I need my little boy to get here, safely...and be healthy. I miss my little girl. I haven't seen her in over 24 hours. L&D doesn't allow children under 10 here...she is allowed in the postpartum ward after I give birth.

Good luck to everyone today!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Induction Today

Got my Cervidil last night after being admitted.  They will be removing it at 9:40 this morning.  Then, I get to shower and get cleaned up before they start the Pitocin at 10:40.  I'm excited and nervous.  Been having a few contractions this morning, but nothing major.  Definitely ready to get clean up...before cleaning up again tonight after James is born.  :)

Just praying for a safe delivery and healthy baby.  :)  It's been awesome here at the hospital.  My nurses are amazing.  I love my midwife.  The doc should be checking in on things at some point. So ready to get this part over.  :)